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Should be good now. LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN'T CONNECT!
Well wow. Coulda let me know sooner. I can't fix something if I'm not aware there is a problem.
cannot connect to server 2 days now
Server is back up now.
Sorry, looks like an auto-update rebooted my pc for me.
Is the server down Bnager
I think the server is down :(
hey grady hop on the vanila sever
OMG LOL, I'm playing minecraft on my school laptop and on a good day am getting about 10-20 frames per second with everything down to minimal, where as my main desktop can render at about 500-600 FPS. This is almost depressing. :(
the donate thing *
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BangCraft is Back!

Bnagers a posted Jan 5, 14
We have a new vanilla Minecraft server up and running with some lovely plugins to increase your quality of life. Towny and LWC to protect you. My usual plugins for catching people that break the rules. And McMMO with my custom character class setup, you'll want to get together with some friend to have the right mix of skills to take your town to the top.

You will need Minecraft 1.7.2 and the server IP is

See you there!
BlippX Wow, how childish.
lordjoyjoe y the hell would u ban me for no reson I cant control a human being to stop spaming ur login chat its not fair I was doi ...

BangCraft Gaming Weekend

Bnagers a posted Feb 20, 13
Well friends, I think it's time for another gaming weekend soon!

Lets try and play some games together on Sat Sun the 2nd and 3rd of March, that's next weekend.

Join the Steam group, that's where we'll be organising most of the games from.

It was lots of fun last time we did this, so if you weren't involved that time, get involved this time!
Bnagers a Yep. Planning to have the gaming weekends as a monthly thing. First weekend of each month seems convenient. So the next ...
Owens_51 There will be plenty more to come!
CRUSTYWEGE great i missed it
Hi Everybody. Important news here, please read.

I'm moving house very soon so I will no longer be able to host the server. It'll shut down in the next few days.

I'd like to run another server in the future but I'm not sure what my situation will be. Maybe even a hosted server, ie one that costs money to run.

So for now, I've opened a donations box, on the left of the main screen. For now it's nothing more than a thanks to me for running the best server I can for the past six+ months. But if the funds are there then I will get a server properly hosted. Further donator perks will be discussed if and when necessary just know they'll be handled with the same level of decorum as the rest of my server management has been.

Finally, please do register on this website so that I can stay in touch with you all and let you know if I get something else running.

And a big thanks to all the regulars on the server, and all the trolls that brought the lols.

Steve (Bnagers)
Bnagers a Smiles? If you're happy about it being gone then why are you even registered here?
Star_blinder *smiles* So it's gone...
Bnagers a Thanks everyone. Just remember that the server would have been nothing without the people playing on it. And big thanks ...
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